Urgent Update, The Sexualization of our Kids

  • Gender "choices" - and normalization of them - in kindergarten!
  • Sexually explicit pictures and information in 3rd grade.
  • Masturbation introduced in 5th grade with details.
  • An app provided at school with animated presentations that celebrate "that someone wants to have sex with you" and scenes depicting it.
  • Much more that is not approproate for our Sac Tutions Website.

Rocklin School District Update

We, Rocklin Unified School District parents and/or guardians, understand the importance of highlighting the notable contributions representing various groups within our society. However, we strongly oppose the adoption of either Social Science curricula, McGraw-Hill and Studies Weekly, presented by the Rocklin Unified School District for elementary-aged students to meet the Fair Education Act demands, for the reasons here stated below


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