River View Christian Academy

"An alternative to boot camps and wilderness programs."

Contact: Lisa Willett, (916) 417-4254 or by email at LWillett@SalemSac.com.
School: River View Christian Academy
31500 Grape St. #326, Lake Elsinore, CA 92532 
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12 to 17-year-olds (boys and girls)

Child has some parental or legal guardian involvement

Website: www.teenrescue.com
At River View Christian Academy, we believe a "troubled teen" is no more than a regular teen who could use a more positive and structured environment.  Located in Northern California, RVCA is one of the only schools in California, and one of the few in the country, that does not discriminate against students who have had educational or behavioral issues. RVCA is an excellent alternative to wilderness programs and boot camps, as giving a struggling teen a positive, structured environment allows them to refocus on their education without distraction and helps them to break negative habits they may have previously developed.
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Certificate ONLY good for new students, not currently enrolled or in the process of enrolling.  Current students are not eligible to participate in the Sac Tuitions Program.

Please note all SacTuitions.com sales of Certificates are FINAL.  No refunds or credits are offered once certificates are purchased.

Tuition: Annual Half-0ff Deal




Payment Plan for this tuition: 

$10,000 in January 2019;  24 monthly payments of $1,112.50  


Case by Case Evaluation for Qualification:
· Pregnant
· Committed minor non-violent crimes (minor drugs, joy riding, curfew violations, shoplifting, truancy)
· Gang involvement
· Cult involvement
· Cutting
· Eating disorders
· On clinical medication
Our Focus is Not on Teens With:
· Serious medical issues
· Any assault, arson or violent or sexual crimes
· Actively suicidal (attention-getting behavior will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis)
· A danger to themselves or others (5150 Health and Safety Code)
· If the teen is currently addicted to any hard core drug (if a child has been through a detox program, they would be under consideration for acceptance at RVCA)
RVCA is not a residential treatment center, therapeutic boarding school, or alternative boarding school. However, we have found that a structured and caring environment can make an enormous difference in correcting behavioral issues among teenagers and is a better option for parents considering boot camps or wilderness programs.